25 Reduce Hair Loss Strong Remedies

25 Reduce Hair Loss Strong Remedies
25 Reduce Hair Loss Strong Remedies
Thick hair bundle is the dream of every woman. However, there are several factors that lead to the loss of large hair, which is really embarrassing. We all seek a quick fix for this problem. However, several family remedies have played an important role in reducing hair loss. Before entering the homemade solution, let’s look at the cause of hair loss.

25 Reduce Hair Loss Strong Remedies

Hair loss symptoms
Some of the symptoms that alert us to hair loss are:
The head gradually thinning
Body hair loss
Suddenly loose hair
Round or plaque spots

Hair loss causes

Lack of proper nutrition
Split end
Drugs such as steroids
Long illness
Hormonal imbalance
Excessive smoking
Vitamin B6 and folic acid deficiency
Headache scalp
Disease, such as thyroid
Due to the use of hair straighteners and curls, the hair is hurt, tightly weaving or pulling the hair tightly.

Family treatment of hair loss

1.Coconut milk
Coconut milk is one of the richest sources of nourishing hair tissue. The coconut milk can be obtained by grinding the ground coconut and squeezing its juice (milk). This is natural home remedies to prevent hair loss.
2. Aloe Vera
Pure aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice can be used directly on the scalp. This can treat hair loss due to the dry or infected scalp. After massaging the scalp with juice or gel, wait a few hours and rinse with warm water.
Use aloe vera with Triphala powder 3-6 months can also be used to treat hair loss.
3. Oil massage
Often massage the hair and scalp with warm water to stimulate blood flow. Coconut oil is considered the best of the other oils. Some other recommended oils are olives, jojoba, mustard, castor, and almonds.
4. Lilac (Neem)
Neem is a plant that is decorated with all the basic qualities. It is antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antidiabetic, sedative and antiseptic. It is not only available for illness, but also for hair loss and excellent family remedies. Boil the leaves in the water until the water is kept half. Let it cool, and use this water to wash your hair once a week.
5. Gooseberry (Amla)
Cook some dry Amira in coconut oil until the oil turns black. Using this oil to massage the scalp will prove to be very effective. Amla can also be replaced with Shika Kai. Apply a thick paste and wash it in a few minutes.
Caution – If you have dry hair, avoid using kiwi.
Curcuma juice and lime juice can be used as a shampoo to treat hair fall. Amra is also very helpful when mixed with honey.
6. Onions and Garlic
Onions and garlic are rich sources of sulfur, and they contribute to the growth of hair. To use onions, you need to cut and extract the juice. Use this juice to massage the scalp well and rinse with a mild shampoo.
Onions can also be used for honey as a hair mask.
Garlic can be boiled with coconut oil for the scalp. Use this option to massage the scalp 2-3 times a week to get the best results.
7. Hibiscus
Hibiscus flowers must revitalize the material, nourish the hair. In addition to preventing the gray hair is not timely growth, but also to maintain dandruff. Hibiscus also helps prevent hair loss.
8. Egg
Eggs are rich sources of sulfur, iron, protein, phosphorus, iodine, and zinc. This is an excellent remedy for hair regrowth, especially when used in conjunction with olive oil.
Egg yolks and honey can also be used as a natural therapeutic agent for hair loss.
9. Pigeon Pea or Red Gram
Application of red or pea delicate thick paste is an effective way of spontaneous hair loss.
10. Lime and Black Pepper Seeds
Lime and black pepper seeds, when the fine grinding and coated on the scalp, proved to be a good way to avoid hair loss.
11. Fenugreek
Fenugreek can also be used for hair to prevent hair loss. It also softens the strands and provides luster for it. Make a fine paste of dried fenugreek seeds and use it as a hair mask.
12. Henna
The henna is widely used in Asian countries and is considered to be the main source of hair strengthening. Some people mix powdered nail polish in the gel as a hair mask.
Or, the henna can also be used for leaf form. Cook 60 grams of henna with 250ml mustard oil until all the leaves are completely burned. The oil is filtered through a fine cloth and the oil is stored in an airtight jar. Apply oil every day for good results. The henna can also be applied by mixing with beetroot juice.
13. Homemade Hair Packs
Packing 1: A mixture of aloe vera, Shika Kai, amla and neem powder can be used to obtain thick and shiny hair.
Package 2: henna, egg white, and curd paste together to prevent hair drop.
Package 3: Hair gels prepared by mixing olive oil, honey and cinnamon together are also effective hair growth packages.
14. Camphor and Curd
Take the same amount of curd and camphor. Mix and apply on bald patches. Let it dry for at least two hours and then wash it. This treatment helps to fight hair loss and alopecia problems.
15. Coriander Leaves
Take fresh parsley leaves and use it to make thick pastes. Naturally, apply to scalp treatment of hair loss problems.
16. Licorice root
Licorice root is another herb that prevents hair loss and further damaged hair.
The loose nature of licorice roots opens the pores, relieves the scalp, helps to get rid of the same stimulus as dry slices. This remedy is good for dandruff, hair loss and hair loss.
Add one tablespoon of ground licorice root to a quarter of a teaspoon of tomato black tea in the cup. Thoroughly mixed
Apply the cream to the bald patch before going to bed and place it overnight.
Wash your hair in the morning.
Follow this remedy once or twice a week.
You can also provide licorice tea three times a day with licorice oral service.
17. Geranium or Rosemary Leaves
Rinse the hair with water, which geranium or rosemary leaves have been boiled, is a good natural remedy for the treatment of hair loss at home.
Rosemary is considered to have the property that can keep the hair healthy and beautiful. Mix part of the rosemary oil with two almond oil. A daily massage of the scalp for twenty minutes can prove useful. This is an excellent remedy for women’s hair loss.
18. Ash Gourd 
It is also an effective remedy to prevent hair loss.
19. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sage Tea
Mixing hair with apple cider vine and saint tea is once again a useful remedy. Cider vinegar helps keep hair balanced and thus reduces hair loss.
20. Curry Leaves
Curry leaves are natural home remedies for the treatment of baldness.
21. Arnica
Mixed with warm water, the mountain trolley tincture can be washed twice a day with cream, ointment or hair to relieve hair loss problems. Dogwood to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth. This is again an effective remedy for female hair loss.
22. Safflower
Safflower is considered to be a good herb to expand the blood vessels. Massage the scalp with safflower oil for twenty minutes, proved to be an important stimulus for hair growth, increase blood flow.
23. Green Tea
Take 2 bags of green tea and brew a glass of water. Let it cool and then apply it on the hair. Wash after 1 hour.
24. Potatoes and Rosemary
Boiled rosemary and potatoes in the water. The liquid is then filtered and used as a hair rinse.
25 . Chinese Hibiscus
Chinese hibiscus flower has many natural substances that help to treat hair loss. In addition to promoting hair growth, this flower can also be used to treat dandruff, prevent bifurcation, thicken the hair, prevent premature white. Treatment of hair loss:
Add 10 Chinese hibiscus flower two cups of coconut oil.
Heat the solution until burnt. Make it collect oil.
Apply oil to your hair before going to sleep. Morning wash your hair
Repeat this time several times a week.
You can also use this flour to make tea and use it as a rinse of hair to encourage proper growth.
Hair loss of Homeopathy
1. Fluoric acid: When a person suffering from vertebral alopecia, faint hair and idiopathic hair loss, the drug treatment are very good.
2. Phosphoric acid: Phosphoric acid can cure the gradual thinning of hair, which is caused by stress and sadness. It also prevents the hair from getting grayed out early.
3. Phosphorus: When you see a small amount of hair in the comb into your hands, or due to hemorrhagic disease and hair loss, phosphorus can help you play better. It can also cure the scalp dry and itching problems.
4. Graphite: This homeopathic treatment of hair loss caused by menopause and constipation. Stone cure plaque alopecia, hair falls on both sides.
5. Mezereum (Mezereum): When you lose a small line of lines, Mezereum is also a good choice, you suffer from itching and dry scalp, and dandruff.
6. Sepia: Sepia treats treatment of hair loss caused by menopause or after childbirth.
7. Silica: Sepia hair loss when young hair, pearly white and alopecia are the main symptoms of silica gel removal.
Other drugs for the treatment of alopecia are Natrum Mur, Psorinum, Selenium, Medorrhinum, Lachesis, Merc Sol, Lycopodium, Kali carb and Borax.
Preventive Measure to be Taken for Averting Hair Loss
Consuming rich vitamins A, B, C, E, protein and iron foods.
Intake of flaxseed, fish, and walnuts to obtain fatty acids, which is essential for the natural health of hair.
Increase the amount of biotin, silica, and zinc in your diet because it causes hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy.
Avoid using shampoo with hot water or warm water as it will increase hair loss.
Do not use very strong shampoo on your hair; instead, go with a mild moisturizer.
Use steam to restore your hair. Put a clean towel into hot water, squeeze excess water, cover your hair with a towel. Leave it until the towel cools down. This increases the flow of blood toward the scalp and even removes the pores that exist on the scalp.
After washing a lot of hair scalp can increase blood circulation, to prevent hair loss.
Drink plenty of water.
Keep the scalp clean and avoid dust and dust.
Hair pruning is another good choice to prevent hair loss.
Do not tighten your hair tightly.
Do not wet your hair when you are wet, do not even try.


Avoid dry hair every day. It will damage the hair follicles so that the scalp dry.
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