Best 25 tips fill in the health benefits of mulberry

Best 25 tips fill the health benefits of mulberry
Best 25 tips fill in the health benefits of mulberry
Best 25 tips fill in the health benefits of mulberry 
Mulberry and mulberry sorbet both properties are similar. It calms irritation, removes thirst and is Kashk. It produces pureblood in the body, eliminates intestinal worms. Digestibility (the act of digesting food) increases. Colds and is beneficial in diseases of the throat. Mulberry is not good to use more of. Mulberry vitamin-A, calcium, and potassium Fons for would get more volume.

Whose body acid, rheumatism, joint pain, especially beneficial for that mulberry. Mulberry color and aroma to put medicines made from mulberry juice is used as syrup. kidney weakness, fatigue, anemia, sudden hair is white mulberry take in things like medicine. Mulberry urination and constipation disease are cured. Mulberry juice eyesight grows. The juices are thick in the head by applying hair. And has maintained Mulberry youth.

Is like a second smaller 2-the first big mulberry mulberry mulberry.
Properties: Mulberry, tasty, soft, Pitta and Vata is the destroyer.
Distinction: the kind of 2-the first big mulberry mulberry mulberry second short.
Treatments for diseases 
1. Kim- bed bugs from spreading mulberry leaves escape.
2. Mulberry grows daily eating milk from lactating mothers. Protein and glucose are found in good quantities in Mulberry.
3. boil mulberry leaves with water, ground, and tie it on the boil by heating is ripe boil burst and injuries are filled.
4. Blisters: Blisters and necrosis in mulberry syrup 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of water mixed gargle is beneficial.
5. To remove bile and blood disorders should eat mulberry summertime in the afternoon.
6. herpes, Khujli- Mulberry leaves to a paste by grinding is beneficial.
7. Change the color of urine: urine, yellowing of the Chinese mulberry juice Mix color is clear.
8. The summer heat to avoid heat stroke should be taken daily mulberry. Stomach, Kidney and urinary irritation and are also. Heal wounds and liver disease, as well as the daily intake, strengthens head.
9. Murat (metal come in urine): mulberry juice grinding metal to come in below the navel is closed applying urine.
10. Constipation: mulberry bark decoction of 50 to 100 ml in the morning and evening by taking the worms inside the stomach is eliminated. A decoction of the bark of mulberry clears stomach.
11. Oral ulcer: Mix 1 cup water 1 tablespoon mulberry juice to gargle mouth rash and blisters occur.
12. (dyspepsia) if: 6 tender mulberry leaves chewing indigestion with water intake (food not plan) is beneficial in disease. Mulberry syrup boiled to make a small pepper powder mixed drink again benefit.
13. fever gall bile fever drink mulberry juice or syrup thirst, heat and nervousness disappear.
14. malaria: to remove gall disease in Libyan summer afternoon eating mulberry benefit.
15.  for stomach worms: decoction of the bark of the mulberry tree stomach bugs are eliminated. Eating 100 grams mulberry intestinal worms are eliminated.
20 grams and 20 grams of mulberry, sour pomegranate peel boiled in water stomach worms are destroyed. Mulberry tree root boiled in water consumption are intestinal worms.
16. Heartbeat: mulberry syrup drink fast heartbeat is normal.
17. Heart weakness: the weakness of mulberry syrup cardiovascular (heart weakness) is destroyed.
18. When inflammation in the body: mulberry syrup and eat it ends inflammation.
19. phlegm (mucus): 50 to 100 ml or 10 to 50 grams of decoction of the bark of mulberry fruit juice twice a day by taking phlegm (mucus) is a cough.
20. For mumps mulberry syrup all swelling of the mouth and inflammation of goiter (swelling of Goiter) ends.
21. throat pain mulberry syrup throat dryness and pain are.
22. Creating powerful body: cow milk and approximately 1 ml of mulberry leaves in the morning and evening, the powerful body is made from cow’s milk.
23. tonsils grow: in hot water, add 1 teaspoon of mulberry juice to gargle throat tonsils are cured.
24. Throat diseases: mulberry juice as a drink is fine to voice, throat clearing and throat to cure many diseases.
25. throat irritation: mulberry fruit mulberry syrup drink by sucking or (throat irritation) is away.
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