Best 8 domestic measures to remove genital itching

Best 8 domestic measures remove genital itching
Best 8 domestic measures to remove genital itching

Best 8 domestic measures to remove genital itching

Women often are the problem of genital itching. The most troublesome of genital itching dictates when you are out for work and are unable to control the itching. More women may feel shame and dejection of the problem should be taken seriously.

Genital itching can occur for several reasons. The most common cause of menstrual pads in use in the chemicals may be present. Wearing clothes too tight can also be the problem of vaginal itching. After making the connection to the sex hygiene neglect can also cause vaginal itching. To tackle the problem of genital itching in these home remedies may also 8.
Allow ice fomentation

Genital itching at night is disturbing. It reaches hinder your sleep and itching, as well as make you feel tired and lethargic. To prevent this occurring at night itch apply ice directly to the vagina or vaginal let cold fomentation. It can be tedious work.
Apple Cider vinegar

Is antibacterial and antifungal Apple Cedar Vinegar. Itching of the genital bacterial or fungal infection is due to removing him from the Apple Cider vinegar can be. Apple Cider vinegar, two tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar to leverage Mix in hot water. Two to three days, this mixture twice a day wash the genital.

Eat 2-3 garlic chewing garlic buds. Make a paste of garlic and put inside the vagina by binding it to a fabric mesh. It may smell amazing, but it is going to get much rest.

Curd a cup per day for the treatment of itching eat yogurt without sugar. Another way to use yogurt that is applied to the vagina, causing immediate relief. Yogurt vaginal itching by applying directly to the location immediately turns off. Regular use problem disappears forever.
Salt bath

Salt antibacterial properties. These properties of the salt can relieve itching and bacteria effectively. Then when you feel itchy genital Wash thick paste of salt. It will relax you immediately and it will prevent bacteria from moving forward. Or it can fill the tub with warm water and a half cup salt. Sit dead legs in the tub.
Basil leaves

Basil leaves anti-microbial, antifungal and anti-bacterial properties. Take a few leaves of basil and two cups of water and boil it. Soak it for 20 minutes until the water is not condensed. Itching of the vagina to remove the water and drink it twice a day.
Keep dry genital

Sweat and water, it keeps the moisture in the vagina caused by bacteria and fungus is produced at that location, thereby causing infection and an embarrassing situation occurs. Always keep in mind that the vaginal moisture-free place to prevent infections.
Wear loose clothing

It is said that prevention is better than cure. If you ever have the problem of itching in the vagina, then you will know why this advice to keep this issue is appropriate. Wearing loose clothing is not the problem of vaginal itching.
Men can also have all the above measures.
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