Bodybuilding Fitness Competition Rules and Judgment Law 6

Bodybuilding Fitness Competition Rules Judgment Law 6
Bodybuilding Fitness Competition Rules and Judgment Law 6

Bodybuilding Fitness Competition Rules and Judgment Law 6

Article 5 Competition organization

First, advertising and publicity
(A) advertising
1, the organizers can use the flag and signs for advertising.
2, signs and signs can be placed on the side of the stage or the front side of the stage.
3, the center of the back of the stage cannot set any advertising.

(B) publicity
1, the organizers should organize a press conference, publicity, and popular bodybuilding.
2, the organizers must ensure that the news media coverage, publicity to achieve the best results.
3. The organizer shall record, photograph or use other methods to record the name of the athlete and send it to the Organizer for use in the promotion of bodybuilding.
Second, the organization of athletes
(A) by the organizers to prepare the nature and scale of the competition, to determine the qualifications of athletes.
(2) by the organizer to the participating units issued competition rules.
(3) According to the regulations, the participating units shall send the list to the organizer and the organizer.
Third, the venue, equipment set
(1) The organizer and the organizer set the competition venue according to the nature and scale of the competition.
(B) the completion of the venue and related equipment before the report team.
(3) The number of the venues and the number and types of equipment shall be prepared in accordance with the nature and scale of the competition, with reference to the provisions of Article 20 of the Bodybuilding Competition Rules and Article 21 of the Bodybuilding Competition.

Fourth, the prize preparation and award arrangements

(1) Prizes Preparation: Prepare trophies, medals, certificates, and bonuses according to the competition rules.
(2) the award arrangement: the implementation of the awards.
Six, the above-mentioned work must be completed before the report team

Article 6 Competition

First, the order book arrangement method
(A) order book preparation before the preparatory work
1, familiar with the “fitness competition rules”: the organization of competition and related personnel to learn the competition rules.
2, review the list: According to the “fitness competition rules”, the audit of the registration team qualification.
3, the number of statistical enrollment: statistics of the representatives of the team leader, coaches, athletes and staff and so on.
4, the proposed competition schedule: According to the number of applicants, “fitness competition rules”, and the “fitness competition rules” provisions, the preparation of competition, opening and closing time.

(2) The contents of the order book

1, the message (according to the size of the competition by the contractor).
2, “fitness competition rules” (see examples 1, 2)
3, the competition-related supplementary documents.
4, the organization of the Committee and the organization list.
5, the list of arbitration committees.
6 List of Judicial Committees.
7 Referee list.
8. The list of teams (the title unit is limited to 6 words)
9, the project (level, group) contest athletes list.
10, event and competition schedule (see example 3).
11, the number of the team statistics.
12, advertising.
Second, the order book example
Example 1 National Fitness Championship Competition Rules 2001
First, the contest date and place
July 13, 2002, in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, held.
Second, the competition items and grouping

(A) two levels of male youth

1, lightweight: weight 75 kg or less.
2, heavyweight: weight 75 kg or more.

(B) Men’s adult eight levels

1 featherweight: weight 60 kg or less (including 60 kg).
2, the amount of weight: weight 60.01-65 kg
3, lightweight: weight 65.01-70 kg
4, light light middleweight: weight 70.01-75 kg
5, light welterweight: weight 75.01-80 kg
6, middleweight: weight 80.01-85 kg
7, light heavyweight: weight 85.01-90 kg
8, heavyweight: weight 90 kg or more

(C) women six levels

1 featherweight: weight 46 kg (including 46 kg).
2, the amount of weight: 46.01-49 kg weight
3, lightweight: weight 49.01-52 kg
4, light welterweight: weight 52.01-55 kg
6, middleweight: weight 55.01-58 kg
7, heavyweight: weight 58 kg or more.

(D) set 45-50 years old and over 50 years old man veteran group

Third, the competition approach

(A) The use of the State Sports General Administration approved the 2002 edition of “Bodybuilding Competition Rules”
(B) the young men two levels, adult men eight levels, six women and two veteran group of individual competition.
(C) to carry out mixed games without distinction.
(D) for men and women championship game.
(5) in the game “best performance”, “best action soundtrack”, “the fastest progress”, the man “best calf muscle”, the woman “best abdominal muscles”, veterans “best participation” “Best Spirit” special award.
(6) Do not open the preliminary and semi-finals.

Fourth, drug inspection and punishment methods

(1) During the course of the competition, the Asian Fitness Association and the Chinese Bodybuilding Association will carry out a random sampling of illicit drugs by the athletes according to Article 12, paragraph 8, of the International Bodybuilding Association, as follows:
1, the scope of the examination: the first in all levels and weighing the weight of the moment when the spot checks.
2, the first time to detect the use of illegal drugs athletes, will stop my 2 to 4 years to participate in all activities of the Chinese Bodybuilding Association, and the registration unit (or individual) equivalent to 2,000 US dollars in fines.
3, the second was found to use illegal drugs athletes, will be a lifelong prohibition to participate in all activities of the Chinese Bodybuilding Association, and to register units (or individuals) equivalent to 3,000 US dollars in fines.
4 Athletes who are found to have banned actions will bear all costs for drug inspection.
(B) The insurance team must fill in (application form) do not use the International Olympic Committee to prohibit the prohibition of drugs, cover the seal.

Fifth, to participate in the approach

(A) to participate in the General Assembly of the number of athletes, leader, coach limited to 3 people. (B) to participate in all levels of competition athletes gender, group, the number of unlimited, participate in youth group competition athletes age 21 years of age
(C) to participate in youth, veterans race athletes, age calculation is subject to birthday, weighing the weight of identity cards or other valid documents, no valid documents are not allowed to participate in the competition.
(4) to conduct group competition. Only the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, municipalities, industry organizations, athletes in more than 10 teams to participate in group competition.
(5) The Organizing Committee does not accept personal registration.

Six, admission ranking method

(A) at all levels (group) mixed doubles competition admission group top 10
(B) group competition according to the athletes at all levels (group) game score and score. According to 11,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 way to score. Won the first person had 11 points, and so on. Such as scoring the same, to get the first place to win more than one team. And then the same to get the second team to win more, and so on.
(C) groups, all levels (group) competition before the top six.
(D) special award 1 selected.

Seven, incentives

(A) by the level (item, group) before the game 6 and won the special prize of the athletes awarded medal certificate, the top three issued medals, and trophies.
(B) the team was awarded the first team to a trophy, won the first to sixth team awarded the certificate.
8, registration and reporting
(A) to fill in (print) report form in duplicate, before June 13 (with the postmark) were sent to the Beijing Chongwen District Stadium Road on the 9th, the State Sports General Administration of social sports guidance center business (postal code : 100763, Tel 010-67147628, fax: 010-67133577) and Guiyang City Baiyun District Hengyang Building, 7th floor of the body committee (postcode: 550014, Tel: 0851-4831017, fax: 0851-4600650). Overdue registration, according to non-participation.
(B) The participants reported on July 13, 14th plenary meeting and weighing the weight, 14 to 17 days match, 18 days from the meeting.
(C) athletes living and reporting places: Guiyang City Baiyun District Baiyun Avenue Jinyang Hotel.

Nine, the cost

(A) to participate in the unit accommodation (80-120 per person per day), transportation costs themselves. The Organizing Committee will provide athletes meal and working meal for the team in the designated place of residence.
(2) The team of the name of the enterprise shall pay the advertising fee of RMB 500 (including the order book acknowledgments, the transcripts and the publicity of the enterprise name in the competition) to the contractor at the same time. In the reporting unit to pay the publicity fee, the contractor can only guarantee the name of the enterprise in the results book appears in the game and the name of the publicity.
(C) The athletes at the time of registration to the organizers to pay 100 yuan per person registration fee. Super team leader, coach, observation staff and self-arranged accommodation staff, one person to the contractor to pay 100 yuan integrated service fee. Those who do not pay, the organizing committee may not provide business services.
(D) to implement the central implementation of the western development strategy of the decision-making, the western region of the team, individuals can pay half of corporate publicity fees and registration fees.

Ten other

The organizer has the right to use the athlete’s contest picture to carry out promotional activities aimed at promoting the development of bodybuilding.
Eleven, the referee assigned by the Chinese Bodybuilding Association
12. Notice of unnecessary matters
Example 2 2002 China Fitness, Miss Contest Competition Rules
First, the contest date and place
August 15 to 17 held in Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province.
Second, the organizers
State Sports General Administration Social Sports Guidance Center
All – China Sports Federation Sports Department
Chinese Bodybuilding Association
Third, co-organized units
To be determined
Fourth, the contractor
Qinhuangdao Municipal People ‘s Government
Sports Bureau of Hebei Province
Five, to participate in the unit

Autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central 

Government, Municipalities Sports Bureau, industry associations,

directly under the Institute, the Chinese Bodybuilding Association 

members and the relevant units.
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