Cashew Benefits and Nutrition

Cashew Benefits and Nutrition
Cashew Benefits and Nutrition

Cashew Benefits and Nutrition

As we all cashews snacks, appetizer, various sweets, the vegetables in gravy and even chocolate to ENJOY it. So friends, today I’m sharing with you the health benefits of cashew goodness (Cashew benefits and nutrition for health).
 Nuts (Cashew nut) sweet, soft and dry fruits kidney shape which is very tasty. Natural vitamin pills are also known as cashews which our body energy, protein, Antioxidants, Minerals, and vitamins, as well as offer the same health of the papers, is also useful in many ways. Cashew production of 4.1 billion pounds, it was ranked first in the nuts crops. Cashews for hundreds of years to promote good health is being used.

Cashew nuts as a storehouse of energy have its own special identity. Cashew nuts in a shell downwards out of its fruit as seed remains stuck. Cashew iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, protein, copper, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and K are plenty. Cashew seeds, milk, oil is employed in many forms. So for good health (cashew benefits) to use it in your daily diet should try.
Come down in the post linked to health benefits of cashews (cashew benefits and nutrition) and read the nutrition chart!
The benefits of cashews (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION)
Cashew benefit (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION) – 1: weakness and weight increase
A nuts high-calorie diet is counted. This immediately removes this weakness.
Grind 30 g cashews. 150 ml water and mix it well.
Then mix and filter. This becomes cashew milk.
Cashew milk should drink daily at any time.
1 week can drink it. Very quickly get away from the strength and weakness as well as weight increases.
Cashew benefit (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION) – 2: itching, white patches of home remedies
Cashew oil is also rich in medicinal properties and it is very beneficial, especially skin diseases.
The cashew oil itching, white patches, eczema, etc. must apply daily on days 1 times.
This itching, white patches, lots of skin diseases, including eczema are cured.
Cashew nut oil is very hot so the skin can cause irritation or blisters. So check it carefully before putting in very low concentrations and should be used only in small quantities should be under the supervision of a physician.
Cashew benefit (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION) – 3: the strength of mind home remedies
Ie the strength of mind to brain cashew very good thing of iron, copper, and zinc are plenty.
Every morning on an empty stomach 4-5 Takes eating cashews. Soon after eating honey and take 1 tbsp.
It should be approximately 1 month from 15 days.
It gives strength to the nerves of the brain and the memory is too good.
Cashew benefit (CASHEW BENEFITS AND NUTRITION) – 4: Immunity of the home remedies
Cashew is plenty zinc which increases the power to fight this disease.
For this, 100 ml daily for a few days. Cashew milk can drink.
Or 7-8 can eat nuts daily.
It fulfills the need for zinc in the body and gives the power to fight diseases.
Let’s take a look at the chart of cashew nutrition (CASHEW NUTRITION):
Energy: 553 kcal
Carbohydrates: 30.19
Sugar: 5.91
Protein: 18.22
Fat: 43.85
Saturated fat: 12.9
Saturated (oleic): 36.8
Saturated (Lincoln): 10.2
Dietary Fiber: 3.3
Foltes: 25 micrograms
Niacin: 1.062 mg
Pantothenik acid: 0.864 mg
Pantothenik: 0.417 mg
Riboflavin: 0.058 mg
Thiamin: 0.423 mg
Vitamin C: 0.5 mg
Vitamin E: 5.31 mg
Vitamins: 4.1
Sodium: 12 mg
Potassium 660 mg
Calcium: 37 mg
Copper: 2.195 mg
Iron: 6.68 mg
Magnesium: 292 mg
Manganese: 1.655 mg
P: 593 mg
Selenium: 19.9 microgram
Zinc: 5.78 mg
Lutein: 22 micrograms
Source – (USDA)
Things to watch for cashews:
Cashew employs approximately 30 grams of time they must remember that much should not eat nuts daily.
The reason is that which is saturated fat, cholesterol increases cashew. But it is only when the daily lot of nuts should be eaten in moderation.
30 grams daily is considered safe for health food nut.
Another thing to keep in mind the nature of the cashew is hot in the summer, so it should not eat. It is best to eat in the winter and cold weather.
These were some of the health benefits of cashews (Cashew benefits and nutrition for health). Hope you too will benefit from them.
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