Fever Treatment With Goat Milk Tips

Fever Treatment Goat Milk Tips
Fever Treatment With Goat Milk Tips
Synthesis to Reduce Fever
If suddenly becomes goat milk fever hands, feet and fever three times a day to be out on the same day. God willing

Fever Treatment With Goat Milk Tips

In addition, reading dengue breakthrough
Because there are no specific vaccines or drugs to prevent dengue fever, people are looking for an alternative or natural family treatments to control dangerous diseases.

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In many options, papaya and goat milk are the most important one to naturally treat and manage dengue fever.
Now, these goods sold at high prices – goat milk reached liter, papaya leaves dry leaves.
Goat milk: Goat milk is thought to help increase platelet count, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this.
Papaya Leaves: For papaya, recently found a papaya extract made of pills effective for dengue patients.
The Pill, developed by the Canadian Laboratory in Bangladesh, was the first drug to support platelet count in dengue fever with sufficient scientific data.

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Papaya leaves can be crushed and then wiped with a cloth to drink pure juice.
Papaya may be the most famous alternative to dengue fever.

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Neem leaves: neem and neem tree oil are considered a good purifying agent. It is believed that soaking the neem leaves and then drinking the subsequent brewing can help relieve the fever.
Coriander leaves: fresh parsley leaves can take the tonic form to reduce fever dengue fever.
Basil leaves: basil leaves are another good choice for dengue treatment. In the traditional view, drinking boiled water can help prevent the outbreak of dengue fever.
Water: drink as much water as possible to keep the body moisture and replace the liquid. This will also lower body temperature while relieving headache and muscle spasms and other symptoms.

Goat milk specialty

Breast milk goat milk is almost equivalent to breast milk, goat milk is the second best. It contains a complete nutrient for your baby, it contains protein, minerals such as calcium, potassium, vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B5 and the body of the immune material.
It is easier to digest – it is easier to digest than milk. Goat milk consumes less than 20 minutes for two hours of digestion.
In order to overcome the allergies to milk – some children because of milk lactose allergy and can not consume milk. Most parents are turning to soy-based formula. In fact, they can also use goat dairy infant formula, because it is more nutritious than soy milk.
Good for asthma sufferers – Encourage children and children to drink goat milk because it can strengthen the lungs’ immune system.
Treatment of yellow fever (jaundice) – goat milk contains antibodies that can be used to treat various diseases. Given a baby with jaundice, because it is an effective treatment, also recognized by health experts also suitable.
Milk in the protein and calcium content is 2.1 times the milk, vitamin content is 3.8 times the milk.
Fever Treatment Goat Milk Tips
  Fever Treatment With Goat Milk Tips
Fever Treatment Goat Milk Tips
  Fever Treatment With Goat Milk Tips


Coriander hands, get hands toothpaste to remove the smell of garlic or other vegetables to wash the smell will go away.
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