HIV Symptoms: Know the symptoms of the disease

HIV Symptoms Know the symptoms of the disease
HIV Symptoms: Know the symptoms of the disease
HIV Symptoms: Know the symptoms of the disease
HIV, or human immunodeficiency, a negative effect on the human immune system virus, the body’s immune system becomes weak. So tell us the symptoms of HIV.
Although it is different from AIDS, it is a sexually transmitted disease. It may be possible to see your blood test that antibody is detected, then you should understand that you have symptoms of HIV that “HIV Positive” Yes.
Those HIV-infected people want to do with HIV, we are different from ADA. After the immunization of eight HIV-positive individuals, the condition of X was done at the end in the name of AIDS.
According to the investigation. The first stage is possible to run HIV and is a brother of a different medical troupe. The initial symptoms of HIV XII are the reasons that you should be aware of.
HIV symptoms:
Tell us about HIV symptoms. You know that the whole symptom consults your doctor.
HIV symptoms
HIV symptoms in men
serious illness
Asymmetrical duration
Late infection
The most common symptoms include:
Body grain
Sore throat
severe headache
Less common symptoms may include:
Ulcer on the mouth or genitals
Muscular pain and joints pain
Nausea and vomiting
night sweat
Senior infection
Persistent diarrhea
Chronic fatigue
Rapid weight loss
A cough and shortness of breath
Reflex, chills, sweating
Rash in the mouth, nose, genitals or skin, wounds or lesions, axle lymph nodes, increased waist or neck memory loss, confusion or brain disorders.
Every 2-3 days, I sometimes feel like a fever and a fever, the first symptom of HIV.
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The first signs of HIV continued in the last days. Could seriously
Potential muscle strain:
You do not do any kind of physical labor, or you have no work, but I always emphasize your muscles also on your main symptoms.
Potential pain and swelling:
Last year’s age, your pain, and swelling can test you HIV.
Comrade crying:
Often complain about low water due to the throat and maturation of the cause, but if you are beaten in the water of your throat in May, but cruel, feeling pain, this is not a good sign.
If you have headaches, so I’m always a little lightweight instead of May. I have the pain in the morning, the rest of the day I was suffering from the symptoms of HIV Bdotrari made of Buda.
Slowly lose weight:
Not immediately reduce the weight of HIV patient. Every day will gradually affect the weight of the body, and the system may decrease. To get any last two months of effort to check, if your weight loss in May.
You can also write:
Speedy weight, the weight of the easiest way.
The skin on demand:
Body red light impulses are also symptoms of HIV virus.
Unnecessary pressure:
But you still have a problem pressure, talking HIV is the crying HIV test you should have.
Nausea or vomiting is to show the body of HIV virus all the time.
Always stay calm
But in this case, will continue to spoil your weather. Has been with the girl, we must have a handkerchief. The main symptoms of HIV
Dry Chang:
Zhang is not a terrible cough, so it is potentially dangerous. HIV symptoms remain flavor. If it is never an attorney, who should never have a doctor’s blood in the meeting.
Highly Concern:
An HIV-infected person is concerned about every little thing. Infected people think the problem is not a big problem. Such people are likely to get heartache and start crying on small things.
Skin traces:
Due to illness, the human body seems to be dry, itchy skin and the skin gradually becomes yellow or white. As the skin itching, the skin seems useless.
Some other symptoms are:
Swelling lymph glands in May
Slowly reduce people’s memory.
Occasionally becomes a victim of misleading mental illness
Water is a symptom of more than a week of diarrhea.
I often find body infections and the infection is not improving quickly.
Patient characteristics
Fever 90%
A headache 70%
70% of muscular pain
Diarrhea / 60% vomiting
You may have to sweat 50%
Some precautions can prevent AIDS.
It is possible to use the needle, then the new hospital needle.
Fill the wrong flag with sexual relations.
New parents use a new blade only to be extended only grandma.
You register with HIV symptoms. So if you are infected with this type of infection, but whatever you are doing more than doing a will during these infections, immediately consult your doctor and get proper treatment.

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