Home remedies bladder pain relieving medication effective tips

Home remedies bladder pain relieving medication effective tips
Home remedies bladder pain relieving medication effective tips

Home remedies bladder pain-relieving medication effective tips

Many diseases of the urinary disorders are urinary irritation, urinary failure, urinary come intermittently, and diabetes heads. These diseases are major excruciating. If these consequences are fatal if not treated as soon as possible. After collecting urine in the bladder due to the interruption, he shall go out says.

Women and men with a foreign object in gonorrhea, syphilis, and there is pressure on the bladder and urinary tract, causing urine stops. Aged men’s prostate (prostate gland), which increases the urine stops. Strangury hurts when urinating. If there is the pain in the bladder urine stops. Similarly, hysteria (gynecology), anxiety, injury to the head, stomach disorder, bad drink, syphilis, constipation, lack of nutritious food, and is also due to frequent urination.
Lack of urine from the bladder out or is flowering. The patient is very restless | Urine big trouble emerges after the drip. Constipation, dyspepsia, increased thirst, urinating more to come, due to the patient having yellow urine does not sleep. He is day-to-day weak. Waist, thighs and calf pain.
Use these to: –

Maize corn (raw corn) Boil the water | Mix sugar in a glass of water, go around the filter, which is inflammation of the urine.

Watermelon at night to urinate, burning away the morning dew, keep the juice to sugar Mix.

Boil barley in a glass of water 25 g | Drink only water and then cool sip-sip.

About four teaspoons of Plantago ovate husk soak in water, then add the sugar to drink, urinate burning will subside.
FALSE four teaspoons juice drink black salt, will continue burning urination.

Drink a cup of rice gruel with sugar in it.

Bathua little water boil | Then the black salt, roasted cumin, black pepper and a little sugar, add a little drink.

Cut small pieces of onion 50 g | Mix in a glass of water, then boiled onion | Drink it now, add a little sugar | This recipe is very good for the patient urine.

Drink a cup of pomegranate juice in the morning after breakfast.

If the urine does not openly urinating or a cup of spinach juice drip urine then mixed with half cup of coconut water to drink.

Pipal tree to five buds water boil | If the water remains half the sugar, and the filter to drink.

Green amla juice mixed with water, drink | Just a little sugar or honey to taste cast.

Nitre two teaspoons of seeds and cardamom powder drink a tablespoon-combined.

Vine leaves in water and grind | Just a little black pepper and mix in two tablespoons of honey | Then sip-sip to drink.

Drink lemon juice in a cup of carrot juice every morning.

Fresh sugarcane juice and rock salt Mix lemon cures irritation of urine | Urine is open.

Drink a cup of cucumber juice with Sugar.

If there is the pain while urinating, dry ginger and sugar, then mix in the milk drink.

If urine has stopped due to renal failure, a spoon to drink radish juice mixed with rock salt.

If blood appears in the urine greens Purslane leaves four spoon juice drink three times a day.

Blood in the urine is the complaint of a spoon grass juice mixed drink Nagkesar slightest provocation.

6 Masha Jawahar molasses mixed drink.

Grind lime seeds and apply on the novel seems to come early to hold urine.

Four tablespoons banana stem juice drink urine drops, quantity takes the extra.

Chew one teaspoon twice a day should eat black sesame.

Half a teaspoon twice a day with warm water, drink parsley.

A pinch of turmeric in a teaspoon of amla juice and half a teaspoon of honey drink.

People eat the slices of pineapple powder.

Lentils morning drink on an empty stomach.

Eating apples frequent urination is reduced.

Eating black sesame and jaggery mix is cured diabetes.

Take two tablespoons of spinach juice black salt, add raisins to drink milk at night.

1 gram and 5 grams sugar candy apple bike with cow’s milk.

Eat roasted grams is stand position to urinate frequently.

3 grams of poppy seeds mixed with little molasses to eat.

Baked bananas with amla juice drink | Eat the first banana, juice drink up.

Morning and evening, take 5-5 grams turmeric powder with milk and the plague of polyuria.

Light meals at the appropriate time digestible | Gourd vegetables, Troi, Tinda, Parwal, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, fenugreek, bathed, amaranthus, Purslane and Drink | In pulses, moong and gram snack.

Fruits, apples, papaya, banana, orange, orange, cucumber, melon, watermelon, etc. Use sapota.

Tur, Queen, lentils, Moth, cowpea, chickpea, etc., do not eat.
Molasses, red pepper, sweet, oil, sour pickles, spices, and more exercise to avoid sex.
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