Home Remedies Causes Dry Cracked Feet And Heels Highly Effective Repair Tips

Home Remedies Causes Dry Cracked Feet Heels Highly Effective Repair Tips
Home Remedies Causes Dry Cracked Feet And Heels Highly Effective Repair Tips

Home Remedies Causes Dry Cracked Feet And Heels Highly Effective Repair Tips

They are doing redness (redness) in the form of redness, it is a common problem with itching (itching), swelling (swelling), skin cracking (peeling) ankles (heel) fracture high heels cosmetics (a cosmetic disease) ) And the symptoms of dry skin and this matter; deep cracks (cracks), blood (bleeding should be started or pain, we can avoid treatment.
Causes due to bursts and cracks?
(dry air) cold in the air
Lack of moisture (water)
Lack of proper care of the feet (wrong foot care)
) Do not eat a healthy diet (unhealthy diet)
(Standing on hard floor length) पर Stand on solid ground
Wrong shoes (wearing the wrong type of shoes)
Because itchy (eczema)
diabetes mellitus
thyroid disease (thyroid disease)
Some home remedies to avoid high heels cracked heels and home-made cracks.
Apply a vegetable oil (vegetable oil)
Olive oil (olive oil), sesame oil (sesame oil), coconut oil (coconut oil) and any vegetable oil are effective. | Any kind of vegetable oil can cure its cracked high heel shoes before bed is pressed into the skin before the crack oil is high. By doing so, you will be able to get good results.
How to find vegetable oil
1. First, rub your soap (soap) water (plus).
2. Wash and fully dry feet.
3. Vegetable oil put on high heels
A pair of socks (one pair of socks), wearing a soft (soft) leg in the morning.
By doing this, for a few days, you will not be full of heel cracks.
B rice (rice noodles).
(Cleanse) Dead skin high-heeled shoes to help you avoid cracking and drying; (scrub) scrub (clear) so that we can use rice flour |
So, a thin emotional should not be added if you have more spoon olive oil (olive oil) or almond oil. 1. Make a clean, a small amount of flour, a small honey, apple cider vinegar (apple cider vinegar) mix (almond oil) and mixed.
Soaked in warm water for 10 minutes and then wiped the feet with a passionate rice.
Do this for a few weeks, you do not get good results.
C Neem Application
Neem property, itchy skin and anti-infection. Cracked heels, scheduled wounds (itching) and infection (infections) Neem is a good medicine.
1. A small amount of paste prepared by milling and three spoons Jiang Huang powder (Jiang Huang powder) meline folio, and well mixed.
2. Broken heel on the paste, leaving half an hour
3. Foot with warm water, wipe with a cloth
Lime Treatment Using Breakage D
The skin begins to split when the properties in favor of acidic acids (acidic) …
Note that the water is not very hot, otherwise, it will stimulate the foot. For lemon juice to keep legs in hot water (lemon juice) soaked for 10 ~ 15 minutes.
Heeled heels (plus) Good
Feet, wipe with a towel
Water (rose water) and glycerol (glycerin) rose
To keep broken high heels and water mixture is a lot of benefits. Most anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory) and antiseptic (cosmetic), skin soft and glycerol rosehip (vitamins) using vitamin A, B3, C, D and E and antioxidant (anti)
Mix, water, and glycerine rose the same amount every night and heels before bedtime
F. Paraffin (paraffin wax) of high-heeled shoes
Oil (oil) is easy to relax, cracked, heels and feet more painful, unlike natural oil, making the skin soft.
1. Double boiler one type (melt) in a paraffin (block) to take two spoons of mustard oil (mustard oil) or coconut oil (coconut oil) and mixed.
2. Then, after cooling it, after cooling the mixture into a thin layer of 10 to 15 seconds above it (layer). Many layers in time, period, after one
Twice a week. 3. Pin plastic (plastic), leave 30 minutes to remove (remove) marketing wax and plastic debris.
G. Epsom salt (Epsom salt) and home remedies.
1. foot tub (foot tub) Take half a cup of Epsom salt in warm water and mix | Immerse your feet in the mixture for 10 minutes |
2. (pumice stone) Immerse in the foot by rubbing the mixture |
3. dry foot cream and foot (foot cream) or petroleum jelly (petroleum jelly) to legs Moisture (moisture) are made |
4. A pair of legs clad in stockings so let fly Moisture |
H. Banana (Banana) the ankles of the home remedies
Cheap and home remedies for cracked heels or rude ripe banana (ripe banana) which is Moisture properties |
1. Mash a ripe banana (mashed) and paste (paste) make | Wash feet well and Apply the paste on the heels of bananas |
2. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes so your skin well soak | Wash feet with warm water and then in cold water for 5 to 10 minutes to give the legs|
3. By doing this every day for a few weeks heels of the feet soft (soft) and smooth (smooth) are |
I. Honey (Honey), or by treating cracked heels
Honey Moisture (moisture) and (antibacterial) properties that are good for cracked heels and rude treatment (treatment) is |
1. foot tub (foot tub), and he lives in a cup of warm water with honey (honey) Mix |
2. Immerse feet in water for 15 to 20 minutes |
3. Scrub legs slowly |
4. cracked heels rest until these daily or several times a week |
J. vaseline (petroleum jelly) to the home remedies for cracked heels
Using petroleum jelly surly (dry), coarse (rough) skin and cracked heels can be avoided | Petroleum jelly keeps feet soft and Moisture | After dipping in hot water to make stiff scrub the dead skin Apply petroleum jelly on the entire heel | A teaspoon of lime juice (lemon juice) can also be found in the petroleum jelly | Petroleum jelly to the skin comfort in wearing leg stockings | To this day, it will get good results before bed |


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