How to Increase Breast Size with Breast Oil Massage & Other Natural Ways

How to Increase Breast Size with Breast Oil Massage Other Natural Ways
How to Increase Breast Size with Breast Oil Massage & Other Natural Ways
How to Increase Breast Size with Breast Oil Massage & Other Natural Ways
That is why maintaining unformed breast oil – 
People claim to have the right size and no oil movement that reshape and breed your breasts, many women, to breastfeed their infants, to measure their breasts disagree.
Material: –
Castor Leaf Size – 50g
Poisonous Root – 50 grams
Gorkmundi – 50 K
Real tree – 50 grams
Second (Aloe Vera) Root World War – 50 grams
Lower Leaf Size – 50g
Root pomegranate and pomegranate peels – 50-50 g
Gourd bar – 50 grams
Campillo Cactus roots and roots – 50-50 g
Banana annually – 10-10 grams (flowers, leaves, stems, fruits, and roots)
Mustard & Sesame Oil – 250-250 mg
Natural camphor – 15 grams
Note: You will find all instruments Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Recipe: –
All the false of these materials can be somehow land and cook for 5 liters of water. A quarter liters of water, and then the rest. The mustard and sesame oil boil again and again. When water is water and oil, then it should be cooled, and mixed with pure camphor. Preparation of Justice Medicine
How to use: –
Oil bath Before half an hour, there was no light information on the breast. 2-3 months of regular use for proper development of breast fat, sports, and health. When not sleeping, a woman should not wear a bra on the bed to wear tights. Oil should be unfavorable
Another experiment:
100 ml of olive oil
Bitter Almond Oil 100ml
Kashishadi oil – (from Ayurvedic shop) 100 ml
One-third of one cup of breasts in the rubble and gently round Oil has the effect in the next two or three months, but it takes a long time for permanent results –
Other uses: –
Kateri, roots, and rootlets triturated with a pomegranate water and applied thickness. The application of this cream in a few days disappeared breasts sagging breasts –
Banyan coconut fiber delicate soft, suitable for female breast, make breast greens and drastic fall –
Place the castor leaves in your breasts vinegar hard, and sagging breasts to disappear within a few days to apply the powder. There are some sports, beauty and breast size maintained
Breast and asparagus flour grinding honey mixed milk mother milk is 2-2 gms of sugar attractive
Part of the particles made by mixing powder, grams of about 5 grams per 1 Kmlgtte card, or the size of the breast is powdered consumption of symmetrical on:
100 grams of dried pomegranate peel, made of flour fake. 1-1 teaspoon oil mixed powder olive, thick coating. Applications of this cream in the breast fingers light massage. After half an hour washed with hot water Dalen-
Altitude was applied after 20 grams, 30 grams of gallic acid, 30 grams of lead acid, one soluble in water, one hour after washing and soft breast. If used for a month continuously, then 45 female breast breasts were confirmed –


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