How to Prevent Stretch Marks

How Prevent Stretch Marks
How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are due to sudden changes in body size appear on the skin scars. This usually occurs during pregnancy, weight gain or decrease, adolescence.

However, stretch marks are not caused by excessive stretching of the skin alone. Certain factors, such as genetic predisposition, may increase your likelihood of developing stretch marks.
However, you can take some precautions to avoid this problem. The best effect is to keep the skin healthy and moisture to enhance its elasticity. You can take many other steps to minimize the chance of appearing with these markers.

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Here are the top 10 tips to help prevent stretch marks.

 1. Apply coconut oil

The use of coconut oil is a natural way to keep your skin shy.
Generate coconut oil on your skin generously.
Massage area to help absorb skin.
Do this two or three times a day.
If you do not have coconut oil, you can use olive oil, cocoa butter, tea butter, avocado oil, in oil, or just some hair oil.
2. Use Castor Oil Packages
Anticipated mothers are often advised to use coaster oil to prevent stretch marks. People use castor oil to prevent and reduce good skin problems, membranes, spots, pulses, and other skin problems. It works a sudden, your skin moisture is made.
Apply a thick layer of castor oil on your skin.
Scroll the wrapping plastic wrap or sours.
Apply heat for at least 20 minutes with a heating pad or bottle.
Repeat the process daily or many times a week.
If you want to paint oil, apply a mixture of sweet almond oil and then mix the mixture by mixing one teaspoon castra oil.
3. Stay hydrated
Drinking more water throughout the day will help keep your skin hydrated. It keeps your skin soft and helps maintain elasticity, so it tempts you to lower your skin layers. For best results, drink at least two liters of water each day.
4. Enjoy a nutritional diet
Eat a balanced and nutritious diet to enrich your balanced nutrition in vitamin C and E, Zinc, Silica and other nutrients. Vitamin C, especially, is required for the connective tissue resurrection.
Minerals like zinc and silica are also useful, such as colored synthesis and colic helps to produce cola to help in. So, your diet contains various types of foods such as strawberries, blueberry, spinach, carrots, green beans, colored greens, nut, and seeds.
5. Stock up on vitamin E
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects collagen fibers from damage due to free radicals. This strengthens collagen fibers and increases skin elasticity.
To get the maximum benefit, eating a vitamin E (almond, olive, sunflower seed, spinach, adocids, pudding, etc) and a lot of vitamin E oil or cream a day in your skin mass. You can also take oral vitamin E oral supplements.
6. Moisturize with oil blends
You can combine some essential oil and mixtures by combining different essential and base oils and using them to make your skin cool.
Add a cup of olive oil and coconut oil. Add 4 teaspoons of vitamin E oil and 6 Vitamin A capsules. Regularly massage with your skin mix.
Mix some coconut oil, cocoa butter, and butter. Mix the mixture in a microwave or double boiler. Finally, add small vitamin E oils and apply to your skin. This is a great home “Belly Butter” for the prevention of pregnancy stretch.
You can add some orange oil vitamins to vitamin E oil and then apply to your skin.
7. Try dry brushing
Dry brushing in many ways is good for the skin. It removes the skin, opens the pores and removes the accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt. This can also help the skin to better absorb moisturizing oil, cream, and lotion. The dry brush also stimulates circulation, helps to mobilize fat and eliminate toxins.
Before bathing or showering, brush your body with a soft, natural bristle brush to the body.
Do this for about five minutes, especially in your thighs, arms, abdomen and buttocks, every day or every other day. Avoid brushing with sensitive or sensitive skin.
As the name implies, dry brushes must be carried out on dry rather than moist skin. When buying a brush, choose a long handle so that it is easy to use in hard to reach. You can find them in any department store and many pharmacies in the bathroom.
8. Do not gain or lose weight rapidly
If you are trying to reduce some extra pounds, it is best not to lose more than a pound a week because fast weight loss can make you ugly stretch marks. Similarly, rapid weight gain may also lead to stretch marks.
For example, they can appear during pregnancy or during intense exercise to build muscle in a short time. It is normal to get about 22 to 28 pounds during pregnancy, but women should pay attention to “eat two” to avoid weight gain to support baby development.
For muscle construction, when you use low code to enhance the weight, stretch marks are more likely to appear to rapidly increase. So, in order to prevent stretch marks, through the use of moderate weight and increased weight on behalf of the establishment of lean muscle groups.
9. Exercise regularly
Regular, moderate exercise promotes circulation, thereby nourishing skin cells. In addition, it adjusts the muscles and improves skin elasticity.
In addition, regular exercise helps regulate hormones and causes sweating to remove toxins from the body. After consultation with the doctor, pregnant women can include mild exercise or exercise for pregnant women.
10. Avoid prolonged use of corticosteroids
Frequent and long-term use of local corticosteroids, such as ointments and creams, is associated with the risk of developing permanent stretch marks. Such use can cause skin atrophy (skin thinning). So it is best to use these drugs intermittently.
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