Plum Healthy Tips

Plum Healthy Tips
Plum Healthy Tips

Lovely gardens in Kashmir valley are found in abundance, including a variety of fruits are produced. The main fruit is wonderful and delightful dessert. One of the specific fruits of plum Kashmir. Fruit, delicious and high quality are up in arms to Pakistan’s green and fertile land. In Pakistan is very nice and sweet plum. There is a variety of souring inclined but always use sweet plum. Are the summer plum eating disorders.

Nutrients: What is the nature of these donations plum in nutrients. So there is plenty of limestone and phosphorus iron plum. I think I’m weak or suffering from anemia and they are willing to use any mixture of iron and steel instead of eating plum sorbet steel or overheads. Multi-vitamin plum fruit. Vitamins are found in many types. Plum vitamins A, B, C, and always full.The blood is diluted with vitamin deficiency (P) and comes out in different parts of the body. Treatment of PTSD vitamin drinks blood plum.
Plum contains various medical benefits and useful food for the heart. All heart disease is beneficial in paranoia, sick etc. I heart patients who suffer from constipation plum especially useful. It is laxative and is also at the heart of power equipment. It would take away the plum food. It is essential to body heat and cold and dry period, quenches thirst in the heat of the body is beneficial. When the pain in some people’s head due to heat and eat plum in this case. Effective treatment of nausea and vomiting in the summer. This season, they are boiled in blood disorders like pose Plague of Boils and itching. Plum treat these disorders. Is useful in bile. Eat five to ten grains of plum as fruit. Ten seed meal is ineffective easily. Plum is beneficial for stomach acidity and heartburn.
People who have high levels of uric acid or to remove acidic substances in the urine should use plum. Fever plum is very effective. The drought had not lost its nutrients and vitamins. Medicine used as medicine in Greek dried plum.
Hemorrhage in a saturated water, dried plum eight porcelain water pot and drink and drink as much water out of the pot so the water put back into the pot. Insert another new plum hemorrhage will stop in a few days. Six pieces of dried plum, tamarind drink mix BH guy Dyn ten grams, salt screened three hours later in a cup of water will be taken away from him. Tamarind and water are the best drink for summer plum. Removes body heat and is rich in nutrients. The tamarind and plum water is enhanced, then add ice and salt.
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