Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Policy You can specify in this statement how personal information is self-controlled through our website or where we can move the phone business at any time.

We and our word on
The private limited company that this is part of the use, it will you use the site and things, rather than the use of fixed telephone business in the private limited company.
Pay attention to
The rights of people who are unfavorable to use our place on the web or we are moving at any time, and make reasonable efforts to maintain safety (danger) through business.
The right of this non-disclosure agreement covers the. The combination, use, and disclosure of personal knowledge that you may self-control at any time, as well as the “natural skill”, as well as the location of the network or easy to move the application, Use our applications or things to get our products and weapons, or communicate with our employees and representatives.
You may not agree
To this non-disclosure agreement by placing authority, using, or otherwise disposing of in the Natural Secrets. If you do not understand the knowledge or disagree that this agreement must not be added in the form of a public agreement, you must immediately stop and discard the use of the network and/or the location in the application.
The person who has the right to revise this right within a reasonable period of time shall not be entitled to the public general roadmap. Please print it regularly. Your continued use of the “natural secret” will make you think that you have no public policy on the change of the bill. We keep the information (ego, idea) under control,
how do we use it:
Fixed applications.
Unless otherwise
provided, under this conditional conditions, the public agreement shall not be
used as a public agreement, and under the conditions of the supporter, the
provider will keep your personal knowledge confidential and will not be
separated from the third party unless the information provided is automatically
controlled Clear and detailed causes of different health reasons in the life
stage, so that a beautiful health service, in which knowledge self-control will
be shared with the authority of the private limited company so that these
lovers can provide you with a personal offer.
You have no debt to
prepare your personal knowledge, with the warning that your remarks do not do
so may prevent you from using certain weapons. Non-personal information that
you can send (write) to a network or easy-to-move phone business in a number of
different ways, including writing files, uploading videos and pictures through
the camera, participating in questions and answers, ticketing products
presenting your public outline, And give other users money, give something.
We can store these
Contributions (your public content), treat them as other users and use them
for promotional purposes. Please note that if you include personal knowledge in
public content, you can use and view it by others. We are not responsible for
the knowledge you choose to cover public content.
The provider may
Also, use the instrument or the third meeting of the friend to give the details
of the software in order to maintain (self, thought) the order, be controlled,
and use certain non-authorized to give the supplier’s non-personal facts. (I)
browser name, account number, or type; (ii) operating system details; (iii)
non-personal fact providers can retain (self, ideas) easy to move the device
classifications and device attributes in accordance with control and usage;
(Vi) the fact that The geographical fact is no longer the main urban area; (vii)
the fact that The provider is more valuable for its services; (v) the
easy-to-move telecom operator; The personal facts are not too high prices.
Through network and
Phone operations, you can use the Send word feature and/or e-mail to exchange notes
with others. We may store these send words in order to surrender them and let
you manage them.
Invite friends
your friends to join the site/app by preparing their touchpoint news, or
entering your login experience, knowing to collect your books from another
building land. We may store and use your friends’ personal contact knowledge to
attract them to join and contact you. But we will not destroy your login
experience, knowledge. Your friends will always have the opportunity to choose
to let us send us further by email.
If you have belief that way of great interest for a short time has not fixed to this Statement you may write to the way make full of cracks right not to be public Office at the supporters address: She of great interest for a short time, 8/2, Garden Block, New Garden Town, Lahore Pakistan (Contact Person Mohammad Babur),
We may go over this Statement from time to time. The most current account of the Statement will rule our use of your knowledge and will always be placed here. If we make a change to this Statement that, in our one and only authority to do as seems good, is material, we will give word you either by notably posting a word that one is going to such changes before to implementing the change on the place and/or via the email connected with your account. By on-going to the way in or use the Services after those changes become working well, you be in agreement to be joined by the revised Statement.
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