Skin Pigmentation Expert Effective Secret Permanent 10 Tips

Skin Pigmentation Effective Secret Permanent 10 Tips
Skin Pigmentation Expert Effective Secret Permanent 10 Tips
Skin Pigmentation Expert Effective Secret Permanent 10 Tips
Who does not want its skin (Skin) is unblemished | For any girl appreciates a clean skin will not say it is not and it never will be happy | But unblemished (Skin Pigmentation Free) is not easy to get skin | It is equally as important that your diet (Diet) | We like to eat good food to stay healthy so the skin care (Skin Care) correctly to your skin (Skin) will remain healthy. 

If the skin (Skin) is not in the spots that are a sign of healthy skin | With the aging of our face and other parts of the black spots, dark skin (Dark) is common | Sun Rays through the pigmentation change in Berne |
Often people have the illusion that good skin care (Skin Care) Beauty expert for this will go to the can only be so but in fact it is not | a famous beauty expert, with a few simple tips and Remedies (Remedies) by which you mentioned Skin (Skin) pigmentation (Pigmentation) can easily get rid of |
1. Domestic use of face pack
If you are using regular home-made face packs to keep you maintain your skin glow with the dark skin spots (Dark Spots) can get rid of |
How do we create domestic face pack
1. Take a teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice Mix in | Leave it on your face for 20-25 minutes and then wash |
2. Grind the almonds and mix with yogurt | Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash face |
3. Take equal amounts of lemon juice and rose water and apply it where it is dark and wash it after 10 minutes | If it should be dried before the first wash |
4. Mix flour with curd and a little turmeric cast | Find it and wash with water after 15 minutes |
5. Take a little rice flour and mix it with yogurt (Mix) Take | The Pigmented Skin (Pigmented Skin) on scrub (Scrub) and rub like |
If you want to get rid of skin pigment above you in the face packs Rose (Regular) Use |
2. Making Multani soil rid of pigmentation
Multani soil meaning Fuller (Fuller Earth) called | It is commonly used in homes like Face Pack | It is also known to relieve pigmentation | The resulting oil from the skin to control (Control) of acne scars, spots and also helps to disappear | also used to remove the pigmentation |
3. Do not bleach
The bleaching of pigmentation problem is immense and the main reason is the pigmentation | We recommend that you Bleach (Bleach) do not exactly | If the bleach is a special occasion (Occasionally), or on, such as a party or wedding Time | Lemon juice if you wish (Lemon Juice) and tomato juice (Tomato Juice) can be used as natural bleach |
4. Use the scrub on the face
You must scrub your face once in 3-4 days | Help remove pigmentation of your skin (Help) and the skin fresh, soft and healthy will | If you have pimples on your face, do not scrub the face | Because doing so will lead to pimples, blemishes will fall and there will be jealous |
How a scrub
– Tube in your hand and squeeze slightly scrub |
– Your fingertip (Tip) lightly with the help of Circle (Circle) as Lord (Rub) or |
– You and T-Zone Forehead (Forehead) featured on Scrub |
– Wash with water after scrub |
– You Black Head (Black Head) remove (Remove) to scrub steam (Steam) are also in the Skin Glow (Glow) will |
5. Always sunscreen (Sunscreen) Use
Sun-exposed (Expose) Strong pigmentation occurs when the dark spots (Dark Spots), dark circles (Dark Circle), tanning (Tanning) and (Wrinkles) are also | This allows your complexion (Complexion) quite dull (Dull) and you will age prematurely, will be seen more | So if you use sunscreen daily (Regularly) are not doing so as soon as possible, the Start |
Tip # 1- Take good sunscreen lotion to try and control that have  |
Tip # 2- to 30 minutes before going into the sun Apply sunscreen |
But you will not always out Harmful Sun Rays Rays (Harmful Rays) will always | So sunscreen winter season (Season) also apply in |
6. Use dry pigmentation
Those whose skin is dry pigmentation and tanning (Tanning) are more likely to be | Glow in the skin to maintain moisture and make sure to use a good  | The cold weather and the places Heavy Use Cold Climate |
7. Drink more water
Your face may shrink due to dehydration, so you Ayengin eye | this
8. Vitamin-E Making rid of pigmentation
Vitamin-E from all the spots of light in the fall and skin elasticity (Elasticity) remains | You use the same oil and cream which have Vitamin-E | If you like the Vitamin-E capsules or tablets can eat | Include such items as food rich in Vitamin-E is like nuts, fish, avocado, Spinach, pumpkin, broccoli, etc. |
9. Household Tips
There are several ways to fix the pigmentation and the domestic whom he can use are:
Small potatoes
Cucumber juice
Lemon juice
Elvira juice
Mash bananas have been
In all the above things you need only one can be used as face masks |
10. Chemical peeling (Chemical Peeling) used
Chemical peeling of the skin of the upper surface, as it will make you immediately dirt (Impurities) removes | Today people do not have time for yourself to be used by the chemical peeling is enough | But if your skin sensitive (Sensitive), you may not necessarily peeling |
Chemical peeling is going to get you after your skin, then you will need to Maishcraij Daily |
Pils (Peels) facial skin becomes dry, making it more Sensitive is Sun Rays | In such a situation is therefore very important to find a sunscreen |
In addition to these tips and you, white household tips and fair pigmentation lotion can also use | pigmentation by removing these products are designed specifically for |
Pigmentation while using tips Patience (Patience) Maintain the natural way works because after a while you will feel the difference |
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